All-New Toyota Tacoma Packed Full of Safety Features

If you are in the market for a midsize pickup truck, take a closer look at the Toyota Tacoma and all the safety features it has to offer. The new Tacoma makes driving your vehicle at night safer. After the vehicle hits a certain speed, the Automatic High Beams kick in and allow you to see further in the dark. If a vehicle is coming towards you, the lights toggle back to low beam, then back to high beam after the vehicle has moved by.

Set the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control in the Toyota Tacoma and driving at high speed is getting safer too. Once you have set the speed, the radar pans ahead to see if a vehicle is moving slower than your Tacoma. If yes, the brakes are applied evenly so as not to stop short but to provide plenty of stopping distance.

Take a test drive in the Toyota Tacoma when you visit the Malloy Toyota dealership today.



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