The Toyota Prius Prime: An Efficient Performer

The Toyota Prius Prime is a plug-in hybrid that is a solidly-built vehicle. This car is an excellent choice for those who commute along the busy streets. The Prius Prime has good handling and the convenience of easy charging.

The designers at Toyota crafted the Prius Prime to have responsive handling. The double-wishbone and multi-link suspension gives you a smoother ride on straight roads, and it provides you with tighter control when going around corners. The Toyota Prius Prime is easy to charge back up. The power cord can connect at your home, or it can be connected at a number of power stations across the United States.

If you are interested in a plug-in hybrid, the Toyota Prius Prime may just be the vehicle for you. To find out more about the Prius Prime, come to Malloy Toyota for a test drive of the Toyota Prius Prime.



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