Safety Features in the New Toyota Highlander

Once we get a new line of vehicles in the lot, the crew at Malloy Toyota likes to look for certain features that will help increase driver safety. The all-new Toyota Highlander midsize SUV fits in that category, mostly because of important features like the following.

If you are driving the new Toyota Highlander and you begin to drift out of the lane lines, the Lane-Keeping System is going to try and alert you to take action. As your vehicle drifts over the lane lines, the steering wheel begins to vibrate in an effort to help you take corrective action.

The new Highlander has a Pre-Collision Assist feature that will help to significantly reduce the chance of a collision on the road. Once a threat has been detected, the driver will receive several visual warnings before the brake system gets pre-charged to help bring the car to a stop safely.



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